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Free peer-to-peer support is offered with 'The New Normal Charity'.

The New Normal Charity out of London is "Changing the way we discuss our grief, mental health, and well-being in open and honest spaces. Nobody should ever feel isolated, and there is always somebody who will relate to your story. ‘If there’s one, there’s two.’"

On episode 124 of DEAD Talks Podcast, I spoke with The New Normal Charity founder, Benjamin May. He lost his father at a young age and found help merely by talking to others with similar experiences. Later, he birthed the idea of his global charity, offering free support through community and connecting with others with similar grief, trauma, or experiences with no judgment.

The way it's explained on their website is, "Professional help might not be your thing. Perhaps you are looking for a cheaper, more relaxed alternative? Our spaces are all free, open, and non-judgemental. And, of course, there is never any pressure to talk if you prefer to attend and listen." I love this idea.

It has already connected people worldwide and is an amazing alternative to getting through your grief or any mental health items you may want addressed. It may be for you, it might not. But, at the end of the day, they encourage checking in to participate or even listen to find out.

I am deeply moved by people who turn their chaos into helping other people. Ben shares his own personal story on episode 124, when he lost his father, how he coped, how he learned to move forward and all that he has learned from the countless people his charity has helped.

If you are interested in learning more about the cause please listen to Episode 124 "Connecting People Through Grief" on Apple Podcast, Spotify Podcast or your favorite podcast platform. Or visit their website


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