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Fill out form below to submit your video recording to possibly be featured on the DEAD Talks channel

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your important story about grief, loss, death and all that comes with it.


  • Do your best to keep recordings under 30 minutes (Feel free to say what you need to tell the full story).

  • Record horizontally (16:9 Ratio) with the best quality possible with yourself in the center of the frame.

  • Set up a well lit area in a quiet undisturbed place to record.

  • Please submit a short 100-300 word description of your story in the form below + video link



Who are we remembering today?

How has your view of death changed?

What has been the most difficult part of loss for you?

What has worked for you in your healing process?

Where are you now compared to when it happened? 

What have you learned from this experience? What are you still trying to learn?

Are you afraid of death? Should we be afraid of death? Where do you think the fear comes from?

How can we improve our relationship with death?

What would you say to people grieving?

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