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Grief Resources

Here are some other resources DEAD Talks really likes that relate to grief support, mental health, death or more that I hope you find usefull.

Grief Gang podcast is a great podcast that normalizes grief through conversation with the Amber who lost her mother at 19. She's in the UK and is absolutely brilliant and funny. 

She was on Episode 58 of DEAD Talks to listen to her story.

A completely free alternative to one-on-one therapy. Lead by Benjamin May who I had on the podcast, he's the way we discuss our grief, mental health and well-being in open and honest spaces. 

Listen to Episode 124 of DEAD Talks for his story.

Claire Bidwell Smith is a therapist, renowned grief expert, and the author of three books of nonfiction: The Rules of Inheritance, After This: When Life is Over Where Do We Go? and Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief. Claire offers numerous online programs for grief in addition to working with people one-on-one. Led by her own experiences with grief.

Listen to her episode on DEAD Talks "Don't Skip The Grief".

Sally and Im are the hosts of this amazing podcast that shares people's stories around grief and loss in a way that is educational and inspirational. They both found common ground in their grief and use their platform to help others grieving.

They were on Episode 105 of DEAD Talks to listen to their story.

Helping people rebuild their life after loss. Emily who founded tihs platform lost her Grandpa and started this platform after feeling like she was alone in her Grief.

Listen to Episode 130 of DEAD Talks to hear her story. 

Jessimae Peluso is a stand-up comedian who lost he father to Alzheimer's and has a great podcast where she often taps into Grief, her experiences and often just comedy. For a light hearted humorous take with real takes on life go check her out. 

Listen to her episode on DEAD Talks  "Humor is a tool for grieving"

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