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DEAD Talks with David Ferrugio

DEAD Talks David Ferrugio engages death a little bit differently. Each new guest shares their experience in a way that shatters the “don’t talk about death” taboo. It's more than a Grief Podcast; it's a conversation about life.


Having lost his father on 9/11 when he was 12 he learned the importance of discussion and sharing other people's stories. Grief, loss, death can all start with a dialogue and my mission is to help people that have lost, that are grieving and those that haven't faced death yet through the words of my guests. 

Hopefully DEAD Talks is a grief resource and can help you along your grief journey. Though the conversations offer great lessons and insight we do have plenty of laughs with a down to earth conversational format of a podcast. To normalize the conversation of death and grief starts here. I speak to all walks of life from grief experts like Claire Bidwell Smith, Ex-Combat Veteran in Noah Galloway, hip hop artist Lil Xan, TV Host Megan Pormer, Comedian Gary Leli, TED Talks speaker Phil Cohen, TEDx conference speaker Angelo Merendino to the viral story and near death experience of Penny Wittbrodt. 


We seek to remove any stigma’s in discussion death by making it a more ‘normal’ conversation and a little less sad. Death is something we can all relate to yet it’s a topic, I find, more often than not uncomfortably discussed with an undercurrent of inevitability often avoided. I am no expert and sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing. I just want to hear from others who have something to say and share it with you.

Dedicated to my father, David Francis Ferrugio and my family who carried me through it all.

- HK

When my father died on September 11th I was 12 years old. I’ve experienced death in my own way at a relatively young age and has defined me in many ways. Having never been someone to open up and speak about how I felt and processed it all this is the crescendo of it all. I've learned the importance of speaking and learning through others in this grief community that exist. My father is forever part of my life and through DEAD Talks Podcast he lives.

DEAD Talks with David Ferrugio engages death a little bit differently.

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