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The Journey of Grief: A Conversation with a Psychotherapist [Episode #138]

This is a "sparknote" blog summarizing episode 138 of DEAD Talks

As we go through life, we face various traumatic experiences that shape who we are. Sometimes, it takes years to realize that these experiences have profoundly impacted our mental well-being. In a recent podcast episode of DEAD Talks, psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience with trauma, grief and loss, Meghan Riordan Jarvis shares her own journey of grief, revealing how her childhood trauma resurfaced and affected her in unexpected ways. Links to listen or watch the full conversation are at the end of the article.

A Meeting of Minds

Meghan shares her deeply personal experiences of loss and grief and how it influenced her own journey as a psychotherapist with years of clinical trauma/grief experience. She delves into her childhood, where a family tragedy was left unspoken, leading her to develop coping mechanisms that affected her well into adulthood. Meghan's openness about her struggles and her professional expertise create a rich and insightful conversation about the complexities of grief.

From Tragedy to Healing

Meghan's journey takes us through the loss of her parents and the profound impact it had on her. She candidly discusses her struggles with PTSD and the various therapeutic approaches that helped her navigate through the deep emotional distress. From somatic therapy to EMDR and internal family systems therapy, Meghan sheds light on how these methods aided her in confronting and processing her grief in a healthy manner.

The Universality of Grief

Throughout the conversation, Meghan emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing grief in a supportive and understanding environment. Her experiences and insights open up a space for listeners to connect and seek comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles. Megan's message resonates deeply, encouraging others to embrace their unique paths in the journey of grief and find healing through various channels.

A Compassionate Guide

Meghan's genuine empathy and understanding of the complexities of grief make her a compassionate and relatable guide in the realm of trauma therapy. Her willingness to share her personal story and connect it to her professional expertise creates a bridge for those seeking solace and understanding in their own experiences of loss and grief.


Meghan's conversation on DEAD Talks serves as a powerful reminder that grief is a universal experience, and healing from trauma is a journey that requires compassion, understanding, and often professional guidance. Her insights instill hope and provide a comforting reassurance to those navigating the intricate and often overwhelming emotions of grief.

Meghan's openness and expertise truly exemplify the transformative potential of sharing one's personal journey, and her message serves as a beacon of solace and guidance for all those seeking to navigate the complex terrain of grief.

To learn more about Megan's work and her podcast, visit her on Instagram at @meghan.riordan.jarvis and tune in to DEAD Talks for impactful conversations on grief and healing on Spotify, Apple, any podcast platform or Youtube & Facebook.

Watch this episode of DEAD Talks on YouTube:


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