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DEAD Talks with David Ferrugio engages death a little bit differently.

Each new guest shares their experience in a way that shatters the “don’t talk about death” taboo. It's more than a Grief Podcast it's a conversation about life. Having lost his father on 9/11 when he was 12 he learned the importance of discussion and sharing other people's stories

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"This podcast is exactly what the world needs. Death is not to be feared, forgotten and ignore. Death is a part of life. David's podcast helps me cope with grief I've felt form losing some of the most important people in my life. Thanks David"

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DEAD Talks seeks to remove any stigma’s in discussion death by making it a more ‘normal’ conversation and a little less sad alongside host David Ferrugio whose father died on September 11th in New York. With a new guest every episode that will share their unique story confidently to engage in their own experience, insights and perspectives on life and death. Just a little more positively and's more than a Grief Podcast.

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