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DEAD Talks: a grief resource

On this podcast I've had the honor to meet with over 35 different people so far that have intimately come into contact with death. Everyone has their own unique story of who they have lost in their life and how grief has changed them forever. I've heard stories of suicide, a soon to be widow, losing a mother to cancer, a friend that was murdered, losing a father in a plane crash, mediums connecting to the other side and have met with grief experts and therapist who share their expert opinion on grieving and dealing with death.

Ultimately, I hope these stories on DEAD Talks from my guests are a resource. A resource for you to heal, to learn and understand that you are not alone. That death isn't a topic that we have to avoid. And, in my head it can even be a topic that we celebrate and laugh a lot along with the tears that inherently come with grief. Let this platform be an outlet to find common ground with people. May this podcast be a resource to learn new methods, new perspectives and perhaps to learn something new about yourself.

Death isn't the end of life. Death is a part of life. And, though my father isn't with me anymore he is carried with me wherever I go and wherever I go with this platform. That to me is more proof that death isn't the end, it's just a part of what we're doing here.

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